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Bladder Health


Bladder control is a hot topic in advertising these days. Bladders can be hyperactive, leaky, sore, or keep you awake at night.…. these symptoms can be bothersome and disrupt your life. The big question is: How did this happen? What went wrong???

In finding the answer, it is important to consider that NONE of us is born continent and NO ONE escapes using diapers for the first few years of life.

Potty training is the entry point to learning continence, and it begins around the time a toddler has a secure grasp on walking​ skills. This is because the pelvic floor muscles have a primary role in standing balance. When dynamic balance is achieved, the pelvic floor muscles have developed enough strength and coordination to begin the journey to mastering bowel and bladder control.

When the toddler gains command over continence, the function becomes largely automatic and continues this way until challenged by a major physical event such as childbirth or prostate surgery. Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy key to restoring your command over continence.


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