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Scar Release


They are composed of fibrin, collagen, ground substance and the activity of myofibroblasts. Scars form and mature in 4 phases: (1) Inflammatory, (2) Granulation, (3) Proliferation (4) Maturation

1) Inflammation: lasting 24-48 hours post injury, best to immobilize

2) Granulation: lasting around 3 weeks depending on the extent of the injury. During this phase scar increases vascularity and moderate mobilization is advised.

3) Proliferation: also called fibroblastic, lasting 3-8 weeks and significant mobilization is tolerated and needed to shape the scar. During this phase much collagen and ground substance is laid down, and the myofibroblasts go to work shrinking the scar. Remodeling and stretching is most effective in this phase.

4) Maturation: lasting from 21 days to 2 years. Remodeling is very difficult in this phase due to the shrinking of the tissue and the significant reduction in cellular metabolism.

What happens when a scar is years past the maturation phase? Well, it is stuck to the edges of whatever the injury involved. If a surgery, then there are deep scar adhesions which may or may not be stuck to internal organs affecting their function and possibly causing discomfort.

Old scars CAN be remodeled with good old fashioned myofascial stretching, but they usually need a pit of “Priming” at a cellular level to facilitate their cooperation.

Priming techniques include: (1) Dolphin Neurostim, (2) Cold Laser, (3) Nutrition

1) Dolphin Neurostim: low frequency (2.5Hz), low amplitude (<1millivolt), Direct Current. This technique restored the correct resting polarity (-) of uninjured skin to the scar which is (+) at maturation. This also increases cellular ATP

2) Cold Laser: 660nm of coherent light to facilitate cellular metabolism and hasten the uptake of nutrients.

3) Nutrition: The addition of specifically pure processed wheat germ oil fortified with vitamin e applied topically.


Tattoos are superficial scars and do change in surface polarity as well. The larger the surface area of skin involved, the more it up-regulates the sympathetic nervous system stimulating a more dominant “fight or flight” response. This can feel like increased anxiety. The Dolphin Neurostim is used to balance this and restore nervous system equilibrium.


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