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Quantum Health/Frequency Medicine

If you enjoy "Good Vibrations", this section is for you!!


Pain & Dysfunction = Bad Vibrations

Health & Vitality = Good Vibrations


Every material thing has a calibration vibration or frequency. Every non-material thing has a frequency as well...such as light (color), sound (pitch), electricity, magnetic resonance (MRI) and electromagnetic fields (think computers and bluetooth). Each one has a unit of measurement too. Light in wavelength, sound/electricity/electromagnetic field in hertz (Hz), and magnetic resonance in gauss.

Our bodies, when healthy, operate in a subtle frequency range. For example, our nervous system (internal power grid) uses direct current (DC) at a low frequency and emits electromagnetic resonance of 10 to the minus 8 gauss. Human brain waves range from 0-40 Hz and determine the level of consciousness.

Our bodies respond to what they are repeatedly exposed to. To simplify this, consider that the earth has an average "Schumann Frequency" of 7.83 Hz. 5G frequencies range from 28 to 39 GHz. Regular exposure to the earth (think barefoot in the sand) will literally "ground" our nervous systems, while regular exposure to Wi-Fi, cell phones and computers speed things up. This can throw our Vagus nerve modulation of our "Fight or Flight" vs "Rest and Digest" systems into dysregulation creating problems like anxiety, poor immune response and a heightened experience of pain. Also in the mix of symptoms is poor sleep, overactive bladder, constipation and sexual dysfunction.

Here at Pelvic Health Solutions, we use our frequency medicine modalities, in part, to regulate the autonomic nervous system to balance the Vagus nerve influence on these symptoms. This is an adjunct to the standard of Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy treatment interventions to improve neuromuscular function and resolve pain. 


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