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C-Section Scar Therapy

Why do we offer C-Section scar tissue release therapy…


1.3 million C-Sections are performed in the US each year. If you are one of those 1.3 million, you may relate to this….


On the Scar Release page of this website, the nity-gritty particulars of scar tissue formation are explained. Based on that information, it is easier to see how scar properties are very restrictive and bind down fascia, muscle, nerve, bone and organ systems. This “straight-jacket” like effect inhibits functional movement of all these body tissues along with restricting lymphatic fluid and blood supply.


As if this weren’t enough, scar acts as an electrical disruptor to the body’s “Power Grid”. That's right, the body has a power grid which is the nervous system. This system has 2 major divisions: the Somatic Nervous System and the Autonomic Nervous System.


The Somatic Nervous System runs all your voluntary activities; think walking, exercise, etc. The Autonomic Nervous System, on the other hand, governs all the body’s involuntary systems including organs (including immune system), glands and smooth muscle.

**Of note are the 2 modes of operation of the Autonomic Nervous System: namely Fight or Flight (Sympathetic = stress) vs Rest and Digest (Parasympathetic = relaxation).


Why am I pointing this out? Because the mere presence of scar up-regulates (amplifies) the sympathetic system putting you in Fight or Flight and setting the stage for pain amplification and disease due to immune system suppression.


Of note are 2 published studies, one in Science reporting a link between C-Section Scar and back, shoulder, neuropathic and chronic post surgical pain (CPSP). The other in Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology finding pain patients with C-Section scars experienced 10-20% of their chronic pain symptoms at the C-section scar site, and 80-90% of their chronic pain symptoms at other sites remote to the scar. 40% experience chronic back pain, 20% experience chronic shoulder and neck pain.



What does treatment consist of?


  1. Dolphin Neurostim**: low frequency (2.5Hz), low amplitude (<1milivolt), Direct Current. This Technique restores the correct resting polarity (-) to the scar which has a disrupted polarity (+) at the scar’s maturation. (See scar page for details of scar healing phases). This technique also increases cellular ATP improving its metabolism.

  2. Cold Laser: 660nm of coherent light to facilitate cellular metabolism and hasten the uptake of nutrients.

  3. Nutrition: the addition of specifically pure processed wheat germ oil, fortified with vitamin e, applied topically.

  4. Myofascial Stretching and Release: soft tissue stretch and mobilization after the scar is primed with proper polarity and enhanced metabolism.

Treatment Images

You can expect results like this...

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C-section healed Red Minimalist Greeting Lunar New Year Instagram Post.png
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